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Over the course of my life and my professional career, I have done and seen a lot of things. I will share some of those. New documents and products will be added as time passes. I have formed my own company dedicated to the research and development of Manufactured Intelligence™ and the study and furtherance of speech recognition. In addition, we research and solutions as requested by the U.S. Government. We have submitted several robotics and database solutions the the Department of Defense and its agencies.

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Gouldenism #1 - "Respect (and disrespect) are not spontaneous gifts; they are earned by cumulative words and actions, over time."

Corollary to Gouldenism #1 - "Trust (and distrust) are not spontaneous gifts; they are earned by cumulative words and actions, over time."

Gouldenism #2 - "Success without honor is failure."

Corollary to Gouldenism #2 - "Promotion of the incompetent is dishonorable."

Gouldenism #3 - "It is foolish to mislabel laziness as efficiency."

Gouldenism #4 - "No matter how good you are, or bad, there is ALWAYS someone a little bit better and a little bit worse."

On occasion, I am available for select consulting opportunities. However,I prefer longer term assignments, since it allows me to function more effectively and more accurately solve the problems of my client companies. I have expanded Goulden Systems Cybernetics to include a consulting division that can focus on Project Management and Process Improvement.

In the near future, I will make sell packages of my applications, probably grouped by development language. These packages will be sold as-is and will include source code and any available documentation. This will be a Non Exclusive right to the software. If you intend to re-sell it, there must be significant modifications to the function and appearance of the product.